Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2 (No Chicken)

Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2 (No Chicken)
Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2 (No Chicken)
Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2 (No Chicken)
Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2 (No Chicken)
Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2 (No Chicken)

For your convenience we've created the perfect pack of MICHIE'S meal for your puppy!

Starter Box includes 18 X 500g Biodegradable trays with a selection of recipes.
As your puppy has a delicate stomach, we use a 4mm mincer plate so the meat and bone mix is of a finer grade.
  • 6 x 500g Wild Venison with Rabbit
  • 6 x 500g Duck
  • 6 x 500g Wild Venison with Duck


At Michie's Of Cornwall we are always looking to improve our ingredients with organic/free range products and to reduce our impact to our fragile earth, over the last few months the following changes have been made to our complete FEDIAF meals.

We are now using: Organic Rosemary, Organic Parsley, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cod Liver Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Oil, Free Range Chicken,Locally sourced Fresh Wild Venison, Locally sourced Fresh Beef Heart, Kidney and Liver.

Please refer to images for details of the recipe ingredients.

All meats, vegetables and supplements are of human grade consumption.

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Feeding Calculator

As a guide we suggest starting:

Michie’s Puppy Weaning Mince between week 4 to 6/7 weeks of age.

Michie's Puppy Complete Meals from 7/8 weeks of age.

Michie's Adult Complete Meals from 12 months of age.

Please note this is only a guide, as puppies come in all different shapes and sizes, if in doubt please contact your breeder or contact us for more information/guidance.

To calculate the recommended amount of food required daily to keep your dog strong and healthy, please enter the approximate weight and activity level.

Please note this is only a guide as every dog is different. However generally speaking it is 2-4% of your dog's weight per day. This can increase to 4-6% for working dogs.

Puppies can require around twice as much food for the first few months of their lives, with the food consumption gradually decreasing as they grow. Every breed of puppy is different, so it is difficult for us to provide exact advice, but you can be assured the new addition to your family will let you know if they are still hungry.

Pregnant Bitches

Based on current guides as a basis you can increase the recommended quantities by the following:

First four weeks of pregnancy - increase normal amount of feed by 30%

Next 3 weeks of pregnancy - increase normal amount of feed by 50%

Final 2 weeks of pregnancy - provide free access to food. *Please note, we advise that you do not leave raw meats out for lengthy periods of time.

At Michies we take every careful step to produce, to the highest standard, nutritional, quality safe dog food.

As with all raw food we strongly suggest the following tips:

  • Unpack your order as soon as it is delivered
  • Place in your freezer as soon as you can in the sealed containers

To defrost in preparation for meal time place the container for the meal in the fridge.


Defrosting at room temperature is not recommended. We suggest defrosting in a fridge, defrosting times may vary depending on fridge temperature settings.

Always make sure you clean your dogs feed bowl and water bowl after every meal.