Getting Started - What to Order and Transition Period

Puppy Dog

At MICHIE'S we have always wanted the best for our dogs which is why all of our raw dog foods have been designed with expert advice. As a result, we are able to supply you with a perfect balance of ingredients, which will benefit dogs from all walks of life.

As a puppies stomach is much more delicate, their diet needs to be different to the diet of a fully grown dog. Therefore we offer a dedicated range of puppy food in which the meat to bone mix is of a fine grade but still uses the same great ingredients.


Feeding Calculator

To calculate the recommended amount of food required daily to keep your dog strong and healthy, please enter the approximate weight and activity level.

Please note this is only a guide as every dog is different. However generally speaking it is 2-4% of your dog's weight per day. This can increase to 4-6% for working dogs.

Puppies can require around twice as much food for the first few months of their lives, with the food consumption gradually decreasing as they grow. Every breed of puppy is different, so it is difficult for us to provide exact advice, but you can be assured the new addition to your family will let you know if they are still hungry.

Transition Period

Every dog has different dietary requirements and the transition period to Michie's Meals can take between 2-4 weeks depending on the type of meal your dog currently consumes. We recommend that on day 1 you substitute a spoonful of the current food for a spoonful of Michie's Meals and each day thereafter you increase the amount of Michie's Meals until the full transition is complete.
If you notice your pets stools are becoming looser we would suggest you reduce the amount of Michie's Meals for a few days to stabilise the stools. For elderly or infirm pets we would suggest seeking expert advice before transitioning.

If you have any questions regarding the transition period or our meals please do give us a call on 01566 333337.