The Michie Family and our Dog Food Journey

Buster - raw working dog foods and healthy treats

The Michie family (pronounced Mickey) are based in Cornwall. In the past we have been devoted and successful dog breeders. Throughout the breeding programme we were always looking for a complete dog food with a well-researched nutritional value that would cater even better for our puppies, breeding mums and working dogs.
After researching this issue over the years, we then proceeded to discuss this matter in detail and at great length with other dog breeders, working dog owners and vets and specialist nutritionists.
After much carefully considered research and hard work we developed our own range of raw working dog foods and healthy treats that comprise of locally sourced fresh raw meats, vegetables and added vitamins and beneficial supplements.

There is a well know saying "As Fit As A Butchers Dog". This very quickly became apparent with our dogs eating our own artisan meats! This is pretty ironic seeing as Mr Michie Senior was a butcher's boy from the age of 13!
As the weeks went by the transformation in our dogs became very clear. Firstly, we noticed a positive change in their behaviour, their energy levels improved and their sleeping patterns became more consistent.
As well as the more obvious physical changes their breath was now quite pleasant, their coats glossier and their stools were a lot easier to clear up.
Buster at 4 months old

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